How to reach the MPMI

Start from Main Road in Kalimpong. Go to the “clock-tower” and look for Gompu’s Restaurant (at the crossing of Main Rd. and Malli Rd). From there you walk down Malli Road until you see a sign “My Peace Music Institute” on the left side of the road, stairs take you on  a pathway down.  Follow this path until you reach the MPMI.

Malli Road



Kalimpong (approx. 40.000 inhabitants) is located in the north-east of India, in the state of West Bengal, approx. 50 km distant from Darjeeling in the Himalayan Hills.
It is a center of education and trade and a hub with links to Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan. Kalimpong is home to different ethnic groups, eg. the Gorkhas and Lepchas, who have been striving for independence for a long time, and to various Buddhist monasteries. For more information refer for instance to www.kalimpong.info

A 2,5 hour’s drive from Bagdogra (airport) or Siliguri (train station) will take you up the Hills